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A Compelling, Dynamic Speaker


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For almost two decades Calvin Sims packed auditoriums with the insprational story of how he overcame abandonment, abuse, molestation and croimnal exploitation to become an international compuer consultant.  All with a only 9th grade education.  He shared with his audience the vision that inspired him to develop some of the most innovated methods for  


delivering educational programs academia had ever seen.  He thus became in demand as a lecturer at major educational institutions across the US and abroad.

His predominate message: "Never let anything stop you!"


A 2013 bout with cancer would put his resolve to "Never let anything stop him," to the test.

The cancer was erradicated and has been in total remission for over four years, thank God, and Calvin Sims is back.  And with a vengence.

"I guess The Lord needed a Motivational Sleaker in a wheelchair."


Senior Citizens
Nursing Home
Assisted Living Facilities
Rehabilitation Centers
First Responders
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On Thursday, May 10, 2018, I was invited to deliver the keynote address to kick off a conference/Retreat of several offices of the Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitation (DARS).  

The event marked my first speaking engagement in over four (4) years, following my devastating bout with cancer (in remission for over 4 years) and subsequent paralysis.

My selection to address this important audience of public servants was more than an honor for me.  It represented my return to the vocation that means more to me than any other that I have been blessed to enjoy in a long, and some say, storied career.  To be able to share my experiences and the lessons that I learned is what I have long come to recognize as my purpose in life.

After my speech and during a lunch break that I was so graciously invited to attend, many of those in attendance came up to me to express nuggets of inspiration that they had derived from my speech.  It was these heartfelt ruminations that were my greatest compensation.  To hear my own words repeated and applied to the individual circumstance of so many, was for me, an emotional experience that ranks on equal footing with any experience that I have been blessed to have.

My most sincere and heartfelt Thank You goes out to all of the staff and management of Virginia DARS for the faith that you exhibited in inviting me to participate in this aspect of your most important mission.

Calvin G. Sims, Sr.
May 11, 2018

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